Project 1


When I took over as a digital marketer at Redbytes, the monthly website traffic was around 3000-4000. Through effective SEO, PPC, and social media marketing, I was able to increase the monthly website traffic by over 3700%, to 150,000 visitors per month. Additionally, I also generated over 100 leads per month, which was an increase of over 10,000%. These results were achieved through a combination of strategic digital marketing efforts, continuous optimization, and data-driven decision-making.

Project 2


I recently revamped the website for Penieltech, conducted extensive keyword research, implemented SEO best practices, and launched targeted Google search ads. Additionally, I started a company blog to improve brand visibility and establish the company as an industry thought leader. Through these efforts, I was able to drive significant increases in website traffic, engagement, and sales. The company is now seeing much better search engine rankings, improved visibility on social media, and increased conversions.

Project 3

Emerald Software

I had the opportunity to work with Emerald Tech, a leading accounting software company. My main focus was on revamping the website, optimizing its content and implementing effective SEO strategies. I also launched a company blog to provide valuable insights to customers and improve brand visibility. As a result of these efforts, we were able to significantly increase website traffic and improve the company's online presence. Additionally, we saw a significant uptick in sales as our optimized content and SEO strategies effectively targeted potential customers, resulting in increased conversions.

Project 4


As a digital marketer for Spericorn Technology, I revamped the website, conducted thorough keyword research, implemented effective SEO strategies, ran targeted Google search ads, and maintained an active blog. Through these efforts, I was able to increase their website traffic by 50%, which translated to a 40% increase in leads and a 25% boost in sales.

Project 5


When I worked with, I implemented performance SEO strategies and created targeted paid ads. Through these efforts, I was able to increase website traffic by over 75% and generate more than 150 leads per month. By optimizing their online presence, experienced a significant increase in sales and brand visibility.

Project 6


When I started working with Edsys, the company was struggling to generate enough traffic and sales through its website. By conducting extensive keyword research and implementing an effective SEO strategy, I was able to increase the organic traffic by over 70% within six months. This led to a significant increase in leads and conversions, resulting in a 45% boost in sales.

Project 7

Xclusive Yachts

As a freelancer, I was able to help Xclusive Yachts achieve great success through a combination of paid and organic SEO strategies. By optimizing the website for search engines and creating valuable content for potential customers, we were able to increase their online visibility and attract more qualified leads. The paid advertising campaigns further helped in targeting the right audience and boosting conversions.

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